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 Lean Enterprise Assessment


Lean Enterprise Assessment


The Lean Enterprise Assessment evaluates 40 criteria critical to a lean enterprise. The critera divided into four groups of ten with each group corresponding to categories of Leadership, People, Infrastructure, and Lean Concepts. You can see the specific criteria below.

The Assessment consists of a questionnaire and an Excel-based data collection, analysis, summary, and reporting tool. The questionnaire is provided in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats, and can therefore if desired it can be customized for the specific circumstances of an organization.

The Assessment is part of the Lean Enterprise Series of PowerPoint training presentations, but can also be purchased separately. All forms of payment (including PO's and wire transfers) are accepted, and you will receive a link to download the Assessment within ten minutes of the order being processed.  
The Assessment begins with 40 questions. Each question has five levels, each of which describes the environment at that level. This makes the rating for that question easier to determine and more consistent across multiple respondents. In addition, it is a learning tool as the respondent can read about the environment at a world class level.
There can be any number of respondents, however for your convenience we have included an Excel-based data collection, analysis, and summary workbook that allows for up to eight "leaders" and eight "associates."
As data from various respondents are entered, the workbook automatically calculates the overall average, the average of the "leader" group, and the average of the "associates" group. The average is calculated for each individual question, each category, and overall. In addition a standard deviation is calculated for each question, group, and overall. This allows you to analyze how associates may view the status of a certain criteria differently than the leaders, and how much disparity there is between perceptions of different lean enterprise attributes.
A summary sheet clearly and concisely shows the average for each question, category, and overall.
The summary data is then plotted on a radar chart to visually show strengths and weaknesses.

The following are the categories and questions covered by the Assessment.


  1. Communication
  2. Complexity & Variability
  3. Customer-Centric Leadership
  4. Flexibility & Ability to Change
  5. Hoshin Planning
  6. Metrics & Performance Measurement
  7. Root Cause Culture
  8. Social & Environmental Responsibility
  9. Thriving Unpredictable Times
  10. Value Stream Organization


  1. Crosstraining & Flexibility
  2. Empowerment
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Leveraging Ideas
  5. New Employees & Hiring
  6. Rewards & Recognition
  7. Safety
  8. Succession Planning
  9. Teams
  10. Work / Life Balance


  1. Business & Competitive Intelligence
  2. Environment / Green Business
  3. Facility Optimization
  4. Information Systems
  5. Knowledge Management
  6. Lean Accounting
  7. Lean Product Development
  8. Lean Sales & Marketing
  9. Lean Supply Chains
  10. Quality Assurance

Lean Processes

  1. 5S / Visual Controls
  2. A3 Project Management
  3. Cellular Manufacturing
  4. Kaizen & Continuous Improvement
  5. Pull Manufacturing / JIT / Kanban
  6. Quick Changeover
  7. Standard Work
  8. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  9. Training Within Industry (TWI)
  10. Value Stream Mapping (VSM )

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Lean Enterprise Assessment



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